Droid Razr Maxx – Never Want to let You go…

When I first got the call to test the Droid Razr Maxx, of course I said yes, but wasn’t overly excited as this is not a new phone. It has been on the market since October. I have several close friends who have this phone and have overall loved it. But the things they didn’t love could be deal breakers for me. Many of them have had similar problems, so I was eager to test those problems for myself.

Hold onto your seat.

The first thing I noticed was, this phone was lightning fast. The screen was very sensitive, and in turn very responsive, which added to the perception of speed. Going from app to app, sending text or calls were all done smoothly. As the current phone I carry every day has gotten slower and slower, the speed felt even greater to me. I’m not the only one who has observed its speed, so I’m sure it’s not a completely biased opinion.

Battery life.

Live long and prosper. Well, live long and get stuff done. I used the heck out of this phone. I’m generally not easy on phone batteries, but I put this one through the ringer. Spotify while I worked, sending e-mails, reading twitter, playing games (hey, what better way to run down your battery than to play games right?), endlessly looking at pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Only once during my 2 1/2 weeks with this phone did the battery run out of juice on me, but that was probably my fault for not charging it the night before.


Cameras are important to me, and I think everyone is at this point. Who really wants to carry around a phone and a point-and-shoot? We have come to expect the camera quality of our phone to be comparable to our point and shoots which are now collecting dust on our desks. And this one definitely is. I was impressed with both the video, and the photo quality on the front facing camera. And I love the lens on the rear facing camera. I’m short, I have short arms. This means I can’t take photos of myself and my girlfriends by holding the phone out and shooting a picture even with the rear facing camera, which is available on many phones. On this one however, the angle of the lens allows for a much broader picture, which means I don’t have to hold my arm out as far which is good because it only goes so far anyway.


“I love my droid, but it drops data.” A statement I hear quite often. So I was really concerned, yet eager to try this particular feature. I used the data in several capacities. I used standard data heavy operations such as Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix. I also requested that the hotspot be turned on and I tested the data responsiveness of the hotspot. For both uses I had zero problems. As long as I was in a facility that had good network coverage (I have meetings in several buildings that I swear have wireless blocking devices installed, or they’re built out of lead.) It didn’t drop the data. I had one instance when I had difficulty connecting to the hotspot. But after rebooting the phone (which was much faster than my current phone) I was able to connect with no issue. On average, when I was in a 4G area I pulled down anywhere from 10 to 13.1 MB.

Screen resolution

The clarity and feel of the screen was amazing. However, that’s my biggest drawback to this phone is screen scare. On average the cost to replace the screen, should you crack or shatter it, is more than the cost of the iPhone screen. But my overall recommendations for this phone far outweigh my fear of a cracked screen. Perhaps the solution here is to just box it up. Otter Box that is.

Hard to let go.

I almost cried the day I had to pack this beauty up in the box to send it back to Verizon. But as my representative at Verizon pointed out, I would be getting my very own the next day. You see, I loved this phone so much that I got one for myself. Now this phone is the phone I carry every day. I’m not easily sold on phones, but with fast response, long battery life and the beautiful screen, it was really a no-brainer for me. I had to have it.

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8 years ago

Yes, it’s a great phone for sure. If I ever switched to Verizon, this would more than likely be the phone I’d pickup and be using immediately.



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