Top 6 things to prepare your body for surgery (and heal after)

As a wellness guru, I’m not a big fan of surgery especially when it comes to removing body parts that God placed in our body for a reason.  However, unexpected situations occur that prevent us from avoiding surgeries.  When this happens and you have a few weeks to prepare, here are a few things that I would do to ensure my body will bounce back quickly to the trauma incurred by surgery.

  1. Eat as many fresh, fruits, vegetables and dark leafy greens as possible.  Organically grown and local, natural are your best bets.  These foods are loaded with antioxidants that can build your immune system and facilitate the repair process after surgery.
  1. Eat 50% or more of your fruits, veggies and dark leafy greens raw.  Raw foods contain enzymes which are the key to life and healing.  Make a fruit or green smoothie which is a great way to receive large amounts of nutrients that are ready for your body to use.
  1. Drink plenty of purified (reverse osmosis or distilled) water.  To determine how much divide your body weight by two and this is the number of ounces you need per day.   Avoid coffee, sodas and black teas. These beverages will dehydrate the body and even block or deplete necessary nutrients in the body.
  1. Participate in a gentle, beginners yoga class to learn deep breathing techniques (reduces stress) and increase your strength and flexibility.  Even one class per week will be of benefit.
  1. Avoid alcohol.  Alcohol stresses your liver, kidneys and suppresses your immune system.
  1. Avoid white sugar, artificial sugars and, white flour products which suppress the immune system and increase inflammation.

Well meaning friends and family may supply you with “comfort” foods or sweets as a sign of their love and concern.  These foods are fine for your family but you should avoid them.  Plan ahead by supplying your home with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables and dark leafy greens.  Make some soup or meals that you can freeze prior to your event.  Or hire a personal chef to prepare a week’s worth of meals for you and your family.

Remember, always check with your doctor about restrictions or foods to avoid for your specific health needs.

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