Living in the Moment

I’m Late! I’m Late! I’m Late for a very important date!
No Time to say Hello! Good-bye!
I’m Late! I’m Late! I’m Late! ~The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland

Do you ever feel like that? Before we know it, our day is over. We wake up, think about the day ahead, exercise (hopefully), and out the door we go. Turn on the radio on the way to work, and our day is movin’ and groovin’.

This continues for weeks, months, and even years. One day you wake up, and wonder where your life went? How much have you loved and laughed? How many lives have you touched? Soon, your children are grown, off to college and you are standing at the door attempting to answer these important questions.

My question to you, “Why wait? If not now, when?”

For me, yoga was a way to settle my mind. People often think they wake up one day enlightened like Buddha. Really, becoming in tune with yourself, your body and quieting your mind is a skill that can be built like lego blocks….one block at a time.


  • Living in the moment makes our life more fulfilling. We experience more moments of joy, pleasure and happiness versus striving for something that is in the distant future.
  • Spending more time cultivating self-care will equal more time cultivating the things and people in your life that matter the most.
  • Taking the time to build of quieting your mind will help you to be more present in your daily life.

What is your thing? What can you do today or this week to support your personal self-care regime?

  • Develop a morning ritual that supports how you want your day to roll.
  • Schedule into your planner time for self-care. Schedule it like an important client apt that cannot be rescheduled. Put that sense of urgency into your mind.
  • Explore ways to quiet your mind like meditation, silence, wordless walks, or schedule a retreat of self-care.

After practicing yoga for over 10 years, I have learned so much about myself, my fears, my triumphs and joys. My gift to you as a guest on Dana’s blog is to support you in any way that I can. Here are some tools that may help you. Check them out:



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